Metamorphosis - The courage to change

We are all born into this world equal and as beautiful human beings. Even if we are beautiful from the start, what we experience in early age can shape us in a positive or negative way. The relationship we have with our maternal figure will unconsciously influence all our other relationships and also the way we think about us.

Growing up and trying to fit into a society which tends to care less about values and more about the outcome, it can come that we lose ourselves. We might experience social pressure, without characterizing it like that. Society tends to think that there is a guide to everything, that works for everybody. But here is the big surprise. We are all unique in our different ways and also complex beings. Life is a journey, even if it sounds cliche. It doesn’t really matter where you will end up in a couple of years. It’s about enjoying where you are right now. And if you don’t like it, then you have to be aware of the fact that you are the only one who can change something about it.

The brutal truth is that you have no control over many of the things that happen in your life on the external level. But you can always control on an internal level how you react and then act in the given context. Well, we also know that change may often feel very scary and even painful, as we tend to hold on to a life pattern that feels very secure, but doesn’t fit anymore. Life has many ways of showing us that something has to be changed. Maybe you start disliking your job or you experience serious difficulties with your long term partner and start to feel sad over a longer period of time. Despite the way it’s manifesting, it’s okay to feel like that.

Ups are beautiful but downs are important. Don’t blame yourself for being selfish when compared to other peoples life, which may have more problems than you. The problems you are confronted with are valid and they need your attention. In order to grow you have to go through the pain first. In order to do so, there is a lot of courage required, a lot of courage to look inside you and do some work with yourself and for yourself. Often this can only be successful with professional help, because it can guide you in understanding your experience better by looking at it from a different perspective and the most important of all with compassion.

And when you reach the point in which you are fully at peace with yourself, only then you will also be capable of helping others as well.

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