Our story

Part of a system driven by consumerism and mechanization, we have created a society where moral values are forgotten.

The mainstream media is perpetuating unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, shaping a culture where individuals chase power and money, in pursuit of happiness. We have forgotten how to live an epic life.

DLOT is well-being. It is about rediscovering our roots. It’s a celebration of life through music, love and nature. It’s about following the rhythm of the Universe, it’s respect for mother nature, for everyone and everything around us. Because we are just a small piece of something much bigger where everything is interconnected.

We are one.


Pythagoras found the secrets of the Universe: the rhythm of the Universe. Everything is made up of vibrations. The solar System, The Cosmos, subatomic matters, plants, animals, brain waves, DNA all have a certain frequency, a sound, including the human body and all its parts.

Heart beating, pulse, breathing, they all have a rhythm. Dance is the expression of sound in time and movement, it’s the rhythm of life itself.

With music and dance we can communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Thoughts, feelings and sensations are independent of identity and culture.

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There are only two basic emotions that humans have: love and fear.
Peace, joy, forgiveness, understanding, they all are deviations of Love. On the other hand, sadness, anxiety, fatigue, judgment, guilt and so on, exists because there is Fear.
The more one operates from fear, the more difficult it will be to move on and overcome failures. The void created will be filled with more desires, wants and greed.
When we love, we open ourselves to all that life has to offer, with passion, excitement, and acceptance.


Human beings are fundamentally interconnected with the Earth and with all its life forms. Our sanity is linked with the health of our environment.
Our ancestors respected and honored the Mother Earth which gave them life. They guided their actions with love, respecting and strengthening the nature around them.
In return, Earth protected and sustained them.
Today we are destroying the environment. Humans cannot be saved while the biosphere collapses.
We lost our connection with the Earth, with the Universe, with ourselves and with our self.

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We all move together like a very precise symphony. Sound and music, rhythm and movement can heal the body and awaken higher consciousness.
On our journey of life, we constantly find ourselves at a crossroads, having to choose between love and fear.
Having chosen love doesn’t mean we will never fear again. It’s one’s ability to identify with the higher self and the Universe.
As we become aware that everything is connected, our experiences should be an integration of science and spirituality, of nature and the human soul.
It’s then when everything in our lives can flow in harmony.

Our team

Cora Lupaș - Co-Founder

Cora Lupas - Powered by DLOT

Cora is in charge of paperwork,  communication, and webdesign. Keen to share her knowledge with others, she coordinates the team of interns.

Dan Chendea - Co-Founder

Dan Chendea - powered by DLOT

Besides choosing the perfect locations for our remote trips and events, Dan is behind Dance for Life Podcast and  #MusicNewsPoweredByDlot

Goa - Chief Adventurer

Goa is a 4 years old mutt who loves hiking.
Find more about her adventures under #GoaShortLegs and #GoaTheHolisticDog.

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