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Consumers are beginning to be more concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases.

In order to keep up with the growth in environmental demands, more and more companies anticipate the environmental impacts of their operations and take measures to reduce waste and pollution. Green products, green production and green marketing are being developed.

However, these changes are superficial and not conducive to the formation of sustainable organizations and industries. Significant cultural change and transformation is mandatory in order to fully respond to environmental and social challenges. Companies must go beyond compliance and engage in actions beyond their own interests with the purpose of social good.

Those who adopt the proactive environment management strategies can increase the productivity of resources and can ask for a higher price for green products but also improve their corporate images, develop new markets and gain competitive advantages.

The holistic understanding of corporate sustainability is an integration of reducing ecological footprint, occupational health and safety, business ethics, minority concerns and community welfare.

From the creative process to strategy, implementation and evaluation, we offer solutions for companies to achieve corporate sustainability.


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10% of our income goes to Asociatia Community, an NGO focused on environmental protection.