by Dan

Way ahead of its time. The mixture he created makes him unclassifiable. Rodion managed to be progressive, hard rock, electronic, psychedelic, and ethno in the same song with a frenzy and ease that is hard to explain.”

by Dora

 Life is a journey, even if it sounds cliche. It doesn’t really matter where you will end up in a couple of years. It’s about enjoying where you are right now. And if you don’t like it, then you have to be aware of the fact that you are the only one who can change something about it.

by Cora

And I remembered how my grandparents and other locals from the village used to throw the solid waste in the river, based on the fact that “the water will take it”. And it did. The garbage was not there anymore and, back then, I never wondered where it would end up. Well, now I know.

by Ruxi

 An end to inequality requires transformative change and a great amount of effort. There should be a bigger investment in health, education, social protection and decent jobs in order to put an end to poverty and hunger.

by Ruxi

Briefly said, social justice is the fairness within a society. It is fairness in opportunities, basic needs, education, gender, race and the environment. Social justice relies on four main principles, which are interrelated to each other: equity, access, participation and human rights.

by Iulia

What does a home need? It needs people because people can light up the soul of everything.
Quite fascinating isn’t it?

by Ruxi

We can agree that education has a big influence on our fate and on the path we chose to follow. A life of fulfillment can only be achieved when we stay informed, when we develop a multitude of aptitudes and when we work on our frame of mind.

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