TOLD gathering

Told Gathering August 4th 2016, our home city has been transformed. Most of the parks and squares are closed. Streets are crowded, everything is overbooked, people are renting their backyard to campers. There’s music and joy, and everyone is enthousiast and euphoric. It’s the second edition of Untold festival, the largest electronic music event in […]

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OUR PROJECTS ROamers Experience We aim to empower people to develop their own intimate relationship with nature. Read more #TripAndPick Enjoy the outdoors and actively contribute to the environmental cleanup. Read more Told gathering Our hideaway nest for a celebration of the free spirit. Read more Community NGO Asociația Community is a non-profit organization focused […]

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#TripAndPickChallenge Hiking, trekking or just relaxing, the benefits of spending time in nature are enormous. Nature is a spring of well-being for both physical and mental health. Spending time outdoors lowers blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. It helps relieve stress and anxiety by reducing the production of stress hormones. Sadly, not everyone understands […]