Told Gathering

August 4th 2016, our home city has been transformed. Most of the parks and squares are closed. Streets are crowded, everything is overbooked, people are renting their backyard to campers. There’s music and joy, and everyone is enthousiast and euphoric.

It’s the second edition of Untold festival, the largest electronic music event in Romania, gathering people from all over the world for a common love: music. Armin van Burren, David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii, ATB, are just some of the artists performing at this festival.

Although we are big fans of electronic music, all that continuous motion and noise is overwhelming.

As our working schedule did not allow us to leave the city that weekend, we spent the nights in the hammock in the outskirts of the city.

In the following years we were more prepared. During the festival, we took a few days off and went camping far from the town. We jokingly called our gathering “Told”.

Each year we searched for a new location to hold the event, looking for remote places by the forest and with a source of water nearby.

In 2018 we found a patch of land with a few trees, surrounded by a small river, suitable for our needs. We arrived at dusk and there were hundreds of people enjoying very loud rave music. So loud that we couldn’t even have a conversation with each other without yelling. We stayed the night but moved to another place early in the morning.

In 2019 we found the perfect location, by the lake.

Told 2019

We dreamed of taking the event one step forward, holding a real festival, with more guests, selling tickets and donating the money to our non-profit organization, Community.

But 2020 had other plans. Our favorite location by the lake has been taken over by real estate but the pandemic situation was kind of in our favor as big events such as Untold were cancelled so more people came to our gathering. 

Read more about the location here.

Told 2020

Told 2021

Told 2022

Told 2023

Thank you for being there with us. We’re grateful for the beautiful moments we spent together.

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