Tribute to the father of Romanian electronic music

Back in December 2019 we urged our friends to join us on a musical journey on top of the Cetatuia Hill in our hometown of Cluj-Napoca. Club Gazette (Colectiva Gazette) was hosting what was likely the last club performance from “the father of Romanian electronic music”, Rodion-Ladislau Rosca.

As puts it, 

“Rodion-Ladislau Rosca is not the father of Romanian electronic music. Rodion was more than that. To call him the father of electronic music is to sit him on an archaic throne, or his music is the exact opposite. 

Way ahead of its time. The mixture he created makes him unclassifiable. Rodion managed to be progressive, hard rock, electronic, psychedelic, and ethno in the same song with a frenzy and ease that is hard to explain.”

After a long battle with a chronic disease, Rodion passed away few days ago at the age of 67.

We’ll leave it with you to research and explore the surreal life and work of Rodion, but we’ll also help with that by providing some useful links below.

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