Two homes, two souls

What is home?

Home is a place, home is a feeling, home is a safe place. Home has a soul on its own.

But what does a home need? It needs people because people can light up the soul of everything.
Quite fascinating isn’t it?

Today, 24th of January 2021, on the International Day of Education, I will remind you about the most beautiful two homes you have and need to take care of.
I was truly inspired by two poems written by an amazing poet, Rupi Kaur.

Home No.1
You guessed it! The first home you need to take care of is yourself. Feed yourself good thoughts and find your true meaning by doing what you love the most.

Here is a list of things that can help you along this path:

  • Read books that can help you grow or that make you feel good.
  • Each day, write a thing that you are grateful for.
  • Enjoy the little things such as coffee/tea time or the perfect shaped snowflakes waiting to find your nose (nowadays it will find the mask first, but you got the point).
  • Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you.
  • Express your feelings and stop overthinking everything. Sometimes you just need to play Let it be by The Beatles and just let go of the things you cannot change.
Home No. 2

Now, I need to remind you that in order to do all that, we all need a healthy space. I know everything sounds utopic and probably unrealistic, but we can all make a difference if we start educating ourselves and the world we are living in, in order to create a better place for our future.

I have been telling you a lot about how to make of yourself a beautiful place to live in. You know why? Because I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and have too much of everything. Now think about the Earth as a human being. How do you think the Earth feels if everything is out of place and dirty? Is it really worth it? Will it be worth it when Earth decides it wants to stop the game and make us all find a new home? We have to learn to take care and appreciate it more, before it’s too late. It is not that difficult, but we have to start. Here are a few things we can all do:

  • Use less. Less clothes, less light, less food…ask yourself all the time ,,Is this really necessary?’’
  • Plant more. Flowers, trees, love…
  • Life can be a bit complicated and messy sometimes I know, but is it that hard to separate the garbage? I think not.
  • Help others by donating what you don’t need anymore.
  • Support sustainable businesses or companies that also want to do better. 

All the things I put together for making the Earth a better home have everything to do with the aspects WE CAN CHANGE.

But first, we need to see them and their importance.

Let’s learn, let’s love, let’s grow!

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