Tribute to the father of Romanian electronic music

“Rodion-Ladislau Rosca is not the father of Romanian electronic music. Rodion was more than that.
The mixture he created makes him unclassifiable. Rodion managed to be progressive, hard rock, electronic, psychedelic, and ethno in the same song with a frenzy and ease that is hard to explain.”


Growing up and trying to fit into a society which tends to care less about values and more about the outcome, it can come that we lose ourselves.


You don’t have to invent flying cars or be a celebrity to lead the change.
You don’t have to be vegan, dedicate your life to help the poor or conquer the streets to protest against global warming.
All you need is a desire to make the world a better place.

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TOLD gathering 2016 August 4th 2016, our home city has been transformed. Most of the parks and squares are closed. Streets are crowded, everything is overbooked, people are renting their backyard to campers. There’s music and joy, and everyone is enthousiast and euphoric. It’s the second edition of Untold festival, the largest electronic music event …

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